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Are you looking for the perfect gift?

With a La Mezcla gift voucher, your family and friends may be able to experience the Latin American fusion cuisine in an authentic and creative way.

A gift card can say a lot: a big romantic gesture, a Christmas present or something small to say thank you. If you have to move quickly, it's best to choose a digital gift card that is ready with just a few clicks.


Just pick your choice. Is Valentine's Day just around the corner? Then the Valentine's Day voucher is the right choice. Is someone's birthday? Pick one of many birthday vouchers. After you have selected the gift card for the occasion, you determine the monetary value and you're done!

After you have placed your gift card order on our website, you will receive a confirmation email to your email address. We will verify the transaction with PayPal and then you will receive an e-mail from us with the selected gift card in a printable version. You will also receive a verification code which you will need to attach to the gift card and present at La Mezcla restaurant.







These terms and conditions apply to La Mezcla gift cards purchased on and By purchasing a gift card, you accept these terms and conditions. La Mezcla reserves the right to change, terminate or reinterpret these terms and conditions without notice. The current version of the terms and conditions is always published on the La Mezcla website.


The gift certificates can be redeemed at La Mezcla restaurant. The value can only be redeemed at the restaurant. A withdrawal or transfer to another gift card is not possible. If the La Mezcla gift card is not enough to pay for your consumption in full, you can complete the payment with another payment method.



When you order La Mezcla gift vouchers online, the payment is processed by PayPal. The digital delivery for the gift card is carried out by La Mezcla Restaurant.



You will receive the digital La Mezcla gift card in your e-mail address within 1–3 business days of receipt of the order. When ordering an e-gift card, you must provide a correct e-mail address for delivery. If the address you have provided cannot be verified, La Mezcla reserves the right to postpone the delivery of La Mezcla Gift Card.



The value of La Mezcla gift cards when purchased online is limited to € 150. The minimum value is € 30. La Mezcla gift certificates are valid for two years from the date of the last purchase. After the expiry of the period of validity, the La Mezcla gift card can neither be used for consumption nor can the remaining value be refunded.


Take-back guarantee

There is a cancellation period of 14 working days (starting on the day of delivery). During this period, you can cancel the order for the La Mezcla gift certificate purchased online and receive a full refund. If you would like to return the La Mezcla gift card, please contact La Mezcla Restaurant (



La Mezcla Restaurant
+49 30 857 50 700
Hedwigstrasse 1, 12159 Berlin


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